KMS-dev   - to see working applications using the platform take a look at KMS-apps

Welcome to the home of the Knowledge Management Services development platform (KMS-dev for short).

KMS-dev allows developers to integrate the logic programming language SWI-Prolog into thier applications. The platform provides the ability to call Prolog code from external applications using a web service interface. It also allows the Prolog code to call out to retrieve data from external sources, using pluggable data transport modules.

Though the platform is designed to enable interoperable communication with Prolog from any programming language, it is comprised of Java EE components so some familiarity with Java EE technologies is helpful to build and deploy applications that use KMS-dev.

Download the latest version of KMS-dev here.

See more information about the architecture in the platform specification here.

Get started developing a simple hello world application here.

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